Supporting Artists, Makers, Producers & Creatives

There are lots of ways that Social Convention helps artists, makers, producers and creatives.

Skills Sprints (Prof Dev/Training)

Focused on the skills you need to make work in the real world:

  • Grant-writing, digital production, reaching audiences, creative finance & more  
  • In person with cool creatives or online in your sweatpants
  • Recordings on-demand for busy bees
  • Practical topics for making with limited resources
  • Takeaway resources and templates

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Coaching (Individual Support)

Not just listening (we do that too), but practical advice to help you take the next step!

  • Discussing your ideas/goals and helping you plan steps to achieve them
  • Reviewing and commenting on applications and pitches
  • Making introductions to our network of contacts and collaborators
  • Advising on and providing access to tools, tech and space

Buy session and we will contact you to arrange a date/time for your session/s

Club Lemonade trailer: make work better.

‘After chatting for just 30 minutes they were able to provide useful practical activities to help focus on key elements of the project and demonstrated a good immediate understanding.’
Daniel Hawley Lingham, Six Minutes Past Nine

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