Creative Community

There are lots of ways that Social Convention helps artists, makers, producers and creatives.

Event & Rehearsal Space
Event & Rehearsal Space

We offer free event space and affordable rehearsal space to people who share our passion, creativity and curiosity:

Not only is it FREE to hire our space for public events and community activities that activate and animate our cocktail bar or upstairs event studio. You keep any entrance fee (if relevant ) and we also PAY YOU if we make money. How does it work?

  1. You pay a security deposit to secure the space (this prevents no shows and covers the minimum cost of staffing and overheads)
  2. You turn up and deliver your poetry slam, drag show, music gig or community theatre rehearsal
  3. We give you the deposit back plus a cut of our bar profits over a pre-agreed threshold

Our private hire rates for rehearsals, photoshoots, private parties etc are also competitive (from £16 per hour).

Coaching for Creatives
Coaching for Creatives

Too often coaching feels too much like bad therapy or just a talking shop…

Our coaching is not just about listening (we do that too), we also offer practical advice from our founder’s wide experience and skills to help you take the next step!

  • Discussing your ideas/goals and helping you plan steps to achieve them
  • Reviewing and commenting on applications and pitches
  • Making introductions to our network of contacts and collaborators

Coaching is just £40 for 55 mins or £120 for a block of 4 sessions.

Organisations have an entire team of advisors in the form of a board of trustees, don’t make do, make a leap forward.


‘After chatting for just 30 minutes they were able to provide useful practical activities to help focus on key elements of the project and demonstrated a good immediate understanding.’

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