Call it creativity, call it innovation, call it R&D – we do it every day, but it’s hard to make the new and the exciting also sustainable. That’s where our unique combination of creative, digital, audience and business expertise comes in.

But don’t just take our word for it:

“We were looking to do something radically different, where the medium – innovation in interaction – is the message. Social Convention made the perfect partner, because their whole raison d’etre is finding new ways to engage audiences, and doing this by leaping boldly into the unknown! They were fantastic on both the vision and the implementation, and we couldn’t have done Spotlight without them.”

Fran Sanderson, Director | Arts & Culture Investments and Programmes at Nesta

“Thanks so much for your help and support – these are just the sorts of things all creative organisations need to know”

Sam Willott, Aaja Music

“I really had no idea of what to expect in terms of audience reach – this is really encouraging and all down to your hard work”

Tom Slater, Call & Response

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Our experience in senior management and recent research into cultural sector business/policy means we design sustainability into all the projects we work on.
Business models and strategic finance
We combine traditional audience research techniques and modern user centred design without making it complicated and always making it actionable.
Deep audience engagement and insight
Digital technology can help you reach audiences, improve accessibility and increase revenue without undermining the core live nature of what makes our sector special.
Digital distribution and production

Go live, go digital or do both together

We Produce Hybrid Live + Online Events

Tired of the blocky, poor quality, lack of presence and corporate sheen of your digital events and broadcasts?

Our INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCE MAKER is a modular technology stack for digital broadcast and hybrid events.

We start with the art and deploy a custom solution to fit your creativity. So audiences get a high quality, accessible and social experience no matter how they engage or where they are…

  • Don’t get stuck in corporate looking digital boxes, let us build you a stunning interactive and adaptive space in which you can truly showcase your work
  • Get as involved technically as you want – we offer a fully produced service or an easy to use self-production option
  • Set it up once for your theatre, venue or club; alternatively, design a new experience for each show, production or event.

Download our guide to Live Digital Production

Even these clowns can make live streaming fun and easy


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