Consulting Case Studies

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Digital Strategy


  • Develop The Nest Collective’s first digital strategy in response to the fast-changing digital landscape, and building on their existing and expanding digital programme
  • Explore new digital products, services and experiences for The Nest Collective, aimed at growing our audiences and global reach


  • Auditing operations through interviews and workshops to understand existing audience data, internal resources (human, technological), blockers, and goals for digital transformation.
  • Testing process through live events to survey audiences and collect specific data.
  • Specific recommendations to activate data, reach audiences and monetise digital events


  • Nest Collective has been able to successfully implement and measure the success of its first digital strategy, including new benchmarkable audience insights and a differentiated programme of digital activities.

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Creativity, Culture and Capital logo, three interlocking white C's with the words creativity, culture and capital

Creativity, Culture & Capital Future of Live Performance Spotlight


  • Drive engagement with Nesta’s Creativity, Culture and Capital programme – an international platform to stimulate impact investment in the creative economy and a space offering inspiration to drive innovation.


  • Developed the project scope to creatively share and explore findings from a large multi-partner legacy project (Audience of the Future)
  • Commissioning original digital content from artists across disciplines
  • Product manage the development of an interactive digital gallery and multimedia exhibition


  • TBC (project in progress)
  • An Immersive Media Exhibition Space for CCC Spotlight: Future of Live Performance
  • Making highlights some of the findings from two years of research and development by the Future of Live Performance consortium.
  • Inspiration showcases the creative work that has inspired a number of arts funders over the past year.
  • Laboratory demonstrates just some of the creative possibilities through ten 48 hr Creative Responses.
  • Future room goes behind the scenes in the Dream Motion Capture Studio where you can watch four fireside chats with industry leaders and hear their view on the future.

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