Interactive Performance Maker

Capture & Create
On Set
Capture & Create
Distribute & Interact
Various artists and audiences on tv, laptop and phone screens
Distribute & Interact
Sell & Communicate
Sell & Communicate

A modular technology stack for digital broadcast and hybrid events. Audiences get a high quality, accessible and social experience no matter how they engage or where they are… easy to use live streaming (transcoding, CDN and media player), live captioning, viewer chat and interactive pop-ups

  • Produce shows remotely
  • Use multiple streams /cameras
  • Add design in the creative studio
  • Stage Manage and cue performers
  • Capture in high def audio / video
  • Go live in 360, VR, Binaural Audio
  • Push button to go live
  • Access through browser
  • Create intuitive user journeys
  • Invite audiences “onstage”
  • Enable live chat and reactions
  • Push clickable CTAs
  • Support second screening
  • Integrated and easy ticketing
  • Personalise for audiences
  • Offer upsells and merch
  • Transact with instant pay
  • Embed integrated services
  • Smart automation

Need hands on support?

We have refined and consolidated our production process for delivering live interactive arts events online.

Combining elements of traditional stage management, live TV, and online community management to help you deliver enticing and immersive experiences (and not just another piece of “zoom theatre”).

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