Artist Interview with Dayo Ade


Tell us about yourself and what your journey to performing has been.

Hi! I’m Dayo Ade! I’m a singer, performer, director & an all round creative based from
East London. My journey to performing has been amazing but also very challenging. It’s
a highly tasking and competitive field but I guess my determination and the belief I have
in myself is what pushes me through. Grateful for the ups and downs and it’s all
contributed to the person and performer I am today.

Tell us about ‘Silver’ – the process of writing, performing, and directing it

The idea of ‘Silver’ came so naturally and organically. As the rain showers the earth
that’s how the ideas came pouring through. It took me 1 week to write it. I spent
countless hours editing it and perfecting it. Finally finished the first draft and began to
pitch my show to over 50 theatres and spaces! Hard work for sure but I kept pushing and
eventually managed to perform it in 2 spaces so far. More venues to come!
The main theme of the show is grief, self-discovery and healing. Things we all seem to
go through and experience at some point in our lives. If I can help someone and give
back then that’s all that matters to me. Performing my show enables me to do just that
which feels me with so much satisfaction

Tell us about the experience of doing a one-woman show – was it lonely,
invigorating, inspiring? Would you do it again?

Definitely, I would do it again! Performing in a one woman show and directing it is probably one of the most difficult
things I’ve done in my career. Yes, lonely at times but sometimes you have to create your
own table and work on yourself in order to achieve greatness. Despite performing in
huge shows with big casts previously, I also love working independently. It’s a true skill
to be able to self reflect and want to grow. I faced my fears and just did it. I worked so
hard to connect with the character. I gave my all in every single performance which I
think really paid off in the end.

Where did the story come from?

‘Silver’ was truly inspired by some of my own personal life events. I lost a few special
people in my life. I felt lost in life and conflicted with what I wanted to pursue. I wasn’t in
the best place and everything seemed to be crashing down around me. I wrote this show
as a form of healing. I want to spread the message of hope. We all face difficulties in life.

Silver is taken from the quote ‘silver lining’ – (something good coming out of a bad situation).

What else are you currently up to?
I will be involved in a lot of exciting projects this summer where I’ll be able to continue to express my creativity through art, song & dance! Watch this space….

Where would you like to take it / your journey as an artist?
Ultimately I just want to continue to touch as many people as I can with my gift and my
voice. I love connecting with people from all walks of life on a deep and intimate level
through my performances. It’s all about the feels for me! People always remember how
you make them feel. I’m so passionate about my show and sharing my art as I believe it
has the power to inspire all who are willing to be open. I feel fulfilled knowing that I have
been able to give back and create so many precious memories through my
performances. I aim to live out my dreams, learn, grow and spread positivity.

Words from Dayo Ade

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