Gigi Williams


Artist Interview

Tell us about your most recent release, ‘Foolish Lady.’
It is a breakup song about the immense feeling of loss after a dream about them, it’s about waking up and remembering you’re not together. In terms of songwriting previously, specifically my first project, I was way too worried about how complex the music was, and Foolish Lady was the begging of a new process for me as a professional songwriter. ‘Foolish lady’ feels so much more me and has sparked a new opening to music.

What is it about this new sound and reflects you compared to your previous?
I grew up listening to a lot of folk music with my dad growing up, and this has been a prominent influence on my new sound; It feels like a coming home and authentic representation of my childhood. It feels more natural.

Foolish lady sounds very raw, how does it feel to put something so personal out there?
It’s really scary and hard to put stuff out there for people to judge you on. When writing, I had a long-term friend who had just passed away and lockdown had just happened, and it felt like everything good had gone at once. It was so overwhelming and I really think that reflects in the music. It’s such a universal feeling, yet I was terrified of being perceived.

What’s next? What kind of spaces do you want to convey with your music?
Working on a project with my friend Leonard Maassen, recording and working on those. In my live performances, I want to emphasise how important songwriting is to me. I’ve really invested in it as an artform so I want to show this breadth of art form potential. Meaning, whether a song is heavily produced, orchestrated or acoustic, the core message remains solidified and authentic.. I find it fascinating how musical feel dramatically changes with instrumentation, but the message remains dominant. This is what I want to convey in all my live music performances.
I want people to be invested in songwriting as a form of emotional connection, which isn’t a new phenomenon, but I’m really interested in songwriting as a device for musical appreciation.

Gigi has her first headline gig of 2023 at SOCIAL CONVENTION on the 14th April.

Tickets are on sale now.

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