Howl Creative + Brink Dance Company + LS Marley
Dance Makers

Based in the North West of England, we bring together cross-collaborative art to create dance and digital audio-visual performance. Our work presents worlds of escapism, modern rave scenes and experimental electronic bass. Through contemporary movement and digital design, we enjoy sharing the fiercely physical depths of rave and creating spaces for misfit dancefloor groovers to get lost within our blurred reality.

As a trio we have presented our work in traditional theatre venues as well as nightclubs, shopping centres, galleries and churches. Previously commissioned by the SHINE emerging artists programme, DRIFT MCR and The Lowry Theatre.

Despite the pause on nightlife culture, we’re excited to reignite the scene on a digital platform and share the primitive joy of escapism from within the comforts of our home.

LSMarley is an electronic music artist. Working in collaboration with visual artists and contemporary dance companies to create immersive AV experiences. 

Combining bass heavy, low tempo rhythms, with found sounds and elements of live performance. Recording vocals, piano, bass, violin and percussion, before manipulating them into unusual textures.


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