Joe Strickland
Theatre Maker & Mixed Reality Storyteller


Joe Strickland is a prolific, theatre maker, digital producer, and creative technologist with great energy and passion. Since 2012 they have been helping to create all manner of theatre and performance in venues across the country.​ Artistic Director of Chronic Insanity, Executive Producer of Strickland Productions, Digital Producer for DaDaFest, and a Trustee of SICK! Productions and The King’s Hall Trust For The Arts. 

Joe was recently the Digital Producer for Puncture The Screen, Chronic Insanity’s data driven art and performance festival, and the Venue Manager for Insanity Point, a Nottingham-based pop-up streaming venue for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe run by Chronic Insanity and Fisher Gate Point. They are also an artist in development with the Nottingham Playhouse, a BBC New Creative, a studio member with Near Now, and a New Associate with New Perspectives.

Joe’s PhD research investigates Future Experience Technologies and Storytelling at the University of Nottingham’s Mixed Reality Lab, in partnership with Horizon CDT, University of Nottingham and BBC. They specialise in using traditional theatre making techniques and applying them to entertainment technology, such as virtual and augmented reality, as well as recreating physical presence using these technologies.

And to top it all off a multi-award winning magician and an accomplished musician.

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