Orange Not Pink London

An orange and pink image with the text of "ONP LONDON".
  1. Who are you & What is your organisation?

We’re ONP London, a group of passionate women on a mission to create welcoming safe spaces where ladies from all walks of life unite and form an inclusive community. ONP stands for Orange Not Pink which reflects our vision – helping women feel visible, valued and empowered to live their most vibrant lives. We aim to uplift and celebrate all that makes women unique through our events, networks and community.

  1. What is your mission & vision for your organisation?

Our vision is a world where no woman ever has to feel alone in facing life’s challenges. We aim to conquer loneliness and social exclusion by building an empowering community where women can openly share experiences, grow together in sisterhood, and feel a strong sense of belonging. At ONP London, we believe that when women come together as a community, we can achieve incredible things.

  1. What inspired you to create ONP? 

ONP was inspired by our own personal experiences feeling disconnected and craving real kinship in this big city. We struggled to find our tribe which left us feeling isolated at times. Now, we’re on a mission to ensure no lady has to feel that way again! Our goal is to create authentic spaces for women to make meaningful connections, find support and feel part of a sisterhood.

  1. What does creating community mean to you?

For us, community means sisterhood. It’s a safe space where women can voice their truths, try new things and spread their wings knowing they have sisters cheering them on!

  1. Why is it important to create the spaces you do? 

As female founders we recognise and understand the social issues attached to women in London, creating a safe space is important as it helps to tackle the issues of anxiety, loneliness, isolation etc. Research shows us that loneliness has taken a huge toll on women’s mental health and mortality rates. Having felt lonely ourselves at times, we never want other women to experience that when there are solutions and community available.

  1. What is next for ONP? 

ONP has an exciting road ahead! We’re dedicated to expanding our reach across London, collaborating with more companies and communities, and finding creative ways to connect as many women as possible through affordable events and experiences. Most importantly, we want to nurture a culture across London of women genuinely supporting and empowering other women.

  1. Do you have any advice for those wanting to start an organisation like your own? 

Our advice for starting a similar organisation would be to intimately understand the community you aim to serve. Conduct surveys and focus groups to identify core needs. Start small with pop-ups and beta tests to validate your concept. And ensure you have a diverse team that can relate to the members. Most importantly, let compassion and care drive all you do.

  1. In celebration of Black History Month, is there anything else you wish to contribute or say as a Black-Owned, Female-led business working in the Creative industries?  

For Black History Month, we at ONP London want to celebrate the immense contributions of pioneering Black women who paved the way for female-led businesses like ours. We honour those who came before – the Madam CJ Walkers, Shirley Chisholms, Ida B. Wells – as well as today’s changemakers. Their courage inspires us. We recognise there is still much work to be done, but move forward empowered, standing on strong shoulders. Our organisation aims to provide a welcoming space for Black women to support one another in sisterhood as we continue striving for equality. We are proud to contribute to the Black creative community in our small way.

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