Virgin X
Drag & Performance Artist

Shoulder upwards portrait view of drag artist Virgin X with black moustache wearing cream high-necked shawl, oval headband both covered in pearls.

The Virgin Mary decides to leave Heaven and become a drag queen because she wasn’t allowed to be fabulous the last time she was here on Earth. She dips herself in a bucket of glitter and reveals her true personality as Virgin X — the sassy 14-year old Valley girl who wants to break with the misogyny of organized religion and set the record straight. “I’m going to be a drag queen. I’m going to express myself. I’m going to say dirty words, and do all the things I wasn’t able to do the first time I was here. This is what you’ve heard, but this is what it was like from my perspective,” says Drew Caiden, the creator of Virgin X, one of the brightest stars of London’s cabaret scene.

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