with RANK Films

We are excited to announce a new series of regular film screenings in partnership with Rank Film at Social Convention from February 2023. Rank Film are dedicated to exploring the wild side of cinema; specializing in the strange, bizarre &
daringly original. They will be serving up a selection of incredible cult classics, provocative hidden gems & influential works of cinematic art for your viewing pleasure.

To kick things off, we are screening The Rocky Horror Picture Show (15 Feb) as the first film in our Midnight Cinema season of films. This season celebrates one of the most important movements in cinema history, which enthralled an entire generation of revellers, breaking taboos and pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable to show in film during the 60s & 70s. The movement was a liberal explosion of creativity & art which inspired generations of film makers to come. The season will be continued by John Water’s wonderfully grotesque Pink Flamingos (8 Mar), and finally Alejandro Jodorowsky’s incomparable, psychedelic western El Topo on the 29th of March.

Each season will feature three films screening over 2 months. You can purchase tickets for individual screenings, a pass for the entire season, meaning you’ll get 3 films for the price of 2. In addition to the main features, we are also screening hand-selected short film from new directors & students to showcase exciting upcoming talent from around the world. A short will screen before each main feature to begin the evening, so head down early & get settled in for an amazing night of cinema.

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