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Join every monthly Skills Sprint, plus co-working and hang outs in our top secret East London clubhouse, structured coaching + peer support, and access to tools and resources like best-in-class streaming and ticketing technology.

Club Lemonade trailer: make work better.

We’re building a clubhouse for entrepreneurial creatives.

  • A community of your newest collaborators, partners, and besties
  • Skills & training that’s project oriented, practical, and future-proofed
  • The resources to stay balanced and make it happen


Focused on the skills you need to make work in the real world:

  • Grant-writing, digital production, reaching audiences, creative finance & more  
  • In person with cool creatives or online in your sweatpants
  • Recordings on-demand for busy bees
  • Practical topics for making with limited resources
  • Takeaway resources and templates


Facilitated peer-to-peer sessions to problem solve in real time: 

  • Bring your own projects & problems
  • Apply learning directly to current work
  • All members vetted for their ability to contribute
  • Develop partnerships; find collaborators


Build your creative network; have a cheeky drink: 

  • Ongoing talks, parties, and special sessions with international industry leaders 
  • Network without pressure
  • Get out of the house and meet some humans

Space + stuff

On Set

Get special access and discounts:

  • Rehearsal, recording and performance space
  • Interactive streaming tools
  • Ticketing (better than eventbrite)
  • Yoga, Therapy, and wellbeing activities
  • Project support services (office hours, grant writing services & more)


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