Interactive Performance Maker

A digital broadcast tool that includes easy to use livestreaming (transcoding, CDN and media player), live captioning, viewer chat and interactive pop-ups – what does this mean?

You can easily stream events from a theatre/bar/mountain-top and your audiences get a high quality, accessible and social experience no matter what device they use or where they are in the world…

Need hands on support?

We have refined and consolidated our production process for delivering live interactive arts events online.

Combining elements of traditional stage management, live TV, and online community management to help you deliver enticing and immersive experiences (and not just another piece of “zoom theatre”).

Audience Relationship Builder

A tool supporting artists to build connections with audiences by making it easy for audiences to purchase tickets, attend events and subscribe without the hassle, data loss and high fees of Eventbrite, Facebook or Patreon.

Don’t just make great experiences, develop lasting relationships with your followers.

Want to get personal?

For the more advanced, we can set up a data capture and personalisation platform designed to work across all your channels. Integrate social, digital ads, email, web, SMS and blow your audiences away with creative engagement whenever, wherever.

Creative Cohort

Want to get more involved? Join our digital home and makerspace for cutting-edge creatives in live art to find each other, support each other, collaborate, upskill, and make work. Includes mentorship, peer-to-peer learning, and access to “office hours” with experienced producers and grant writers; plus professional classes and workshops on relevant topics. Recruitment is live.

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